4Fires Yashana Lodge

Traditionally the Native American Indian people of Michigan are called the "Three Fires" people. Yashana Lodge is a gathering of 4Fires Ministries, the name of which symbolizes the Holy Spirit - the fourth fire - moving within Native American tradition. Led by Rev. Mike Peters, Yashana Lodge meets at 7 p.m. every Wednesday in Northlawn UM Church's Fellowship Hall, on the lower level of the church.


Our name combines the words "Yasha" and "Na". Yasha carries many meanings: victory, salvation, freedom, to be avenged, to be delivered, to be defended, to be rescued, and to claim prosperity. Na simply means "now".

Our Yasha is our Creator's Son, Jesus Christ. He can be everything we need Him to be - our victory, our salvation, our freedom, our avenger, our deliverer, our defender, our rescuer and our prosperity - not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, na!

We seek to understand the beauty of our Anishinaabe sacred ways and how they can be activated in our lives as Followers of Jesus. Yashana lodge is also a place to find healing and understanding as we release the pain of 450 years of enculturation and discover that our true value and self-worth is found in the Words of Creator.



Our meeting place at Northlawn UM Church is in the Fellowship Hall. From the church's main entry, shown here, follow the main hallway to the elevator and stairs, on your left (in elevator, press 1).


Our gathering includes worship and praise, Bible study, sharing our faith, and encouraging each person to do the job the Creator has for them to do. When we meet, we experience: 

  • A mixture of worship to the Creator through cultural means that have been redeemed for His glory.
  • Our Native American aromas of blessing.
  • Eastern Woodland cultural enlightenment.
  • Solid biblical teaching.
  • Interactive discussion.
  • Circle fellowship.



 Rev. Mike Peters leads 4Fires Yashana Lodge. Before entering the ministry, Mike worked as Native American Program Director for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, overseeing the Native Program in seven states. As a member of the Midwest Regional Equal Opportunity Employment Committee, he helped write the EEO Affirmative Action Plan assuring equal treatment of people of all races. Since being called to the ministry 31 years ago, Mike travels through the Midwest, Canada, and Mexico bringing the contextual ministry message to indigenous people and inspiring hope in walking the Jesus Way through Native Culture. 4Fires Ministries, which Mike founded, now has four ministry points in the U.S. A citizen of the Little Traverse Bay Band Odawas, Mike is the grandson of Chief Me-tay-wis and Chief Wahsaquam, and the nephew of Chief Isaac Peters.