Congregational Care

Caring for each other has been important to Christian communities since the earliest days of the church. It's an important part of Christian life at Northlawn UM Church, too. We pray for people, bring Communion to those who can't be present in church, visit people, bring them flowers, honor each other's joys and sorrows with cards, prepare and serve lunches to families and friends after funerals, and more.  You can find more information about the ways we care for each other, and about the Congregational Care Team, below the photo.


Congregational care volunteers arrange donated flowers for delivery to shut-ins.


 Ways We Care For Each Other


  • Prayer Chain - God hears and answers prayers not only on Sundays, but every minute of every day. Northlawn UM Church's Prayer Chain volunteers pray every day for those in our congregation and for anyone else who needs prayers. If you need prayers - or want to volunteer to pray for others - contact Sharon at


  • Home Visits - A brief visit from someone who cares can go a long way to brighten the day. Congregational Care volunteers regularly visit people who are temporarily or permanently homebound.


  • Communion at Home - Being homebound doesn't have to mean missing the sacrament of Holy Communion. Volunteers are available to serve people who are unable to receive Communion at church. 


  • Flowers for Shut-Ins - On selected "Blessing of the Blooms" Sundays, Congregational Care volunteers arrange donated flowers for people at Northlawn to give shut-ins or anyone else who may appreciate a caring bouquet or blooming plant.


Congregational Care volunteers delivered these perky plants to help brighten the Easter season for shut-ins.



  • Greeting Cards - Our caring volunteers regularly send cards to celebrate birthdays and other milestone occasions, reach out with sympathy in times of sorrow, and express thanks, appreciation, and concern for people throughout the year.


  • Prayer Shawls - This ongoing project of our Yarn With A Purpose group provides beautiful hand-knitted and -crocheted shawls. As they make each shawl, group members pray for comfort and healing for the person who will eventually receive it. Whenever you want to comfort someone with a prayer shawl, just choose one from the cupboard in Room 104/105. Each shawl comes ready to deliver, in a lovely gift bag.


  • Little Tasks That Help A Lot - Congregational Care volunteers are glad to help people whose physical limitations make it hard to do household  "little things", like change a light bulb, retrieve items from a hard-to-reach closet shelf, or change batteries in a smoke detector. 


  • Funeral Lunches - As an outreach to families and friends, Northlawn volunteers prepare and serve meals in the Fellowship Hall, following funeral services. These meals help sustain, comfort, and connect people as they grieve the loss of loved ones.


Congregational Care Team

Our Congregational Care Team welcomes volunteers of all ages for our many caring projects. If you'd like to help - or if you need someone to care for you - email  use the Contact Us form on this page to let us know you're need.