Worship outdoors with Tri-Faith

Tri-Faith will once again be joining us for an outdoor service on Aug 13. They have been playing together for about 20 years and their  name came from the fact that at the time they started the group, they were all coming from 3 different denominational backgrounds, and even though they were coming from  different denominational backgrounds they all shared a common faith.  The name also stemmed from the fact that they were hoping after people heard them play, that if they had not done so before, that they would think about “giving faith a try” so the name of the group really had a dual meaning.  They are now all still members at various churches in the West Michigan area.  
Their group plays on a regular basis at Degage Ministries which is located in the heart side neighborhood of Grand Rapids and they really enjoy being able to go there to be able to give back in regards to the talents that God has blessed them with.  They also play at various churches, campgrounds, weddings and other events within the West Michigan area.  
We are looking forward to once again welcoming Jennifer, Mike, and  Scott to Northlawn to share in a time of praise and worship outdoors with the congregation and neighborhood here.
If you would like to give to the Degage Ministries please make a check out to Northlawn UMC with Degage referenced on the check, or bring your donation on Aug 14 and put in our special giving buckets.

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