We gather together for worship that engages us to experience the presence of Christ in life-changing ways. In worship together, we share prayers, songs in a variety of musical styles, readings of God’s Word, and practical Biblical teaching plus various other elements of worship. We celebrate Holy Communion monthly, usually on the first Sunday of the month, and everyone is welcome at the Lord's Table (you don’t have to be a church member to receive Communion). 

Children are always welcome in worship. A nursery also is available for infants through age four. It is staffed by trained caregivers, and close to balcony seating in the sanctuary.

The format for our worship gathering is both casual and meaningful. Dress ranges from shorts and jeans to full business attire. We serve fairly coffee which are available before, during, and after worship along with light snacks.

Our Altar Prayer Team is available at the conclusion of worship each week. Take your concerns to Jesus, no matter how big or small. Altar prayer can be one of the first steps in seeking God’s help with issues in our lives. It’s not something reserved only for the great challenges or very serious issues. Those on the Altar Prayer Team handle concerns with kindness, care, discernment, and confidentiality.  A Prayer Team member will pray for your needs including encouragement, hope, healing, help to get through the pain of current circumstances, for individuals who have been impacted by the day’s worship and/or to pray for someone for whom you are concerned.  Members of the Altar Prayer Team can be easily identified by the Name Tags they wear. 

Our worship gathering is friendly, welcoming, inclusive, and authentic. Come as you are – whoever you are, wherever you are in life, at whatever point you find yourself on your spiritual journey. Feel free to bring your hopes and dreams, fears and failures, successes and not-there-yets. And bring your questions (we have them, too). We welcome you.




On Pentecost Sunday, vivid fabric and ribbons flowing from the cross over the altar visually reflect the work of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and today.