Imagine What 2021 Can Bring.

The past year has been challenging for most everyone in most every way.  Nevertheless, we are so very thankful for God’s protection, direction, love, and grace as we continue to learn, pray, grow, worship, and do our best to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world.

Your Northlawn Finance team has been working to draft Northlawn’s budget for the coming year.  Imagine what is possible at Northlawn in the next year: 

  • Imagine expanded ministry for Kids, Youth, and Families, providing opportunities for discipleship in-person and at home.

  • Imagine captivating worship, improved engagement with technology and at-home worship opportunities, and possibilities for more music ministry.

  • Imagine having an appointed Pastor dedicated exclusively to the mission and ministry of Northlawn.

  • Imagine a 2021 with a new, rejuvenated vision here at Northlawn. It’s our 20/20 Vision.  

By seeing TWENTY people or households increase (or start) their giving by $20 per week, we will have the funds we need to begin all that we imagined above.  With this commitment from our church, Northlawn leadership plans to hire two part-time staff: a Family & Discipleship Director and a Worship Ministries Director.

Are you with us?  Will you, can you, help support the vision?  Please take time to pray about Northlawn’s future, our mission and vision, and let us know if you will be one of the TWENTY in 2021.  If you want to support the vision but can’t increase $20 per week, maybe you can do $10 or $5 per week.  And definitely don’t feel bad or guilty if you can’t do more.  God asks different things of different people.  Just know that your current giving has been so very faithful and important! We would not be dreaming about a better future without those of you who have ensured that we are building on a firm foundation.  We will continue to count on your regular weekly tithe.  

Let us know you are on board with the 20/20 vision through completing the form below before Friday, December 18.

20/20 Vision Commitment Form